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The Old Homestead House, last of the infamous Pleasure Palaces of Cripple Creek, stands today in quiet dignity on Myers Avenue in mute testimony to its raucous, glamorous past. Bright lights, the tinkling of pianos, the course shouts of the pleasure-seeking miners are gone but the Old Homestead remains.

The sturdy old building was erected in 1896 following the great fire and under the direction of such experts as Pearl Devere, Hazel Vernon, Neil McClusky, Laura Evans and Lola Livingston. It achieved fame as has been accorded only to such noted European Brothels as the Trois Moulins in Paris.  At the height of its fabulous career it enjoyed the finest trade, gave the grandest soirees and, in general achieved the greatest sophistication of any brothel in the Gold Camp.
The Homestead's girls, in their Parisian gowns and leghorn hats, were the scorched toast of the town and the only thing they had in common with their sisters of the cribs was their profession.

At the peak of its Gold Rush period Cripple Creek had five city blocks of Red Light District, with apx. 350 girls working. The Old Homestead House was the most expensive house of pleasure, with prices starting at $50.00, only open to the  most riches of men. 27 men made their millions in the district, so there was plenty of money around to spend on this guilty pleasure house.

Today only the Old Homestead House stands in testament to the heady past of Cripple Creek.

10 rooms are available on the half hour tour, running from Memorial Day thru September, 7 days a week 11am to 5 pm. Your visit to Cripple Creek, the world's greatest Gold Camp, will not be complete until you seen the treasures of the Old Homestead.

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