38.747331, -105.188680

TELLER County Road One traverses a picturesque mountain valley.  It retraces the trail followed by stagecoaches and wagons traveling between the Colorado Midland Railroad depot at Florissant and the Cripple Creek Mining District. This dirt trail was one of the most direct routes to the mining district from Colorado Springs. During the early years of the gold boom, freight wagons loaded with equipment, supplies and gold ore as well as stagecoaches of fortune seekers traversed the road daily.  This important stop on the way to Cripple Creek holds a unique treasure one to rival Cripple Creek's  gold.

Incredibly plant and animal fossils from 34 million years ago lie in rich fossil deposits near the town of Florissant. Today, these fossil riches are protected within Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.

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