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The discovery of the dinosaur site known as the Cleveland-Delfs quarry was made in the summer of 1954, on a field expedition by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The rare dinosaur, HAPLOCANTHOSAURUS (simple spined lizard), was found along an eroding bend of Four Mile Creek in a layer of mudstone. Now in the Cleveland Museum, “Happy” is a giant plant-eating sauropod of the late Jurassic period, 155 to 152 million years ago and represents a new species called HAPLOCANTHOSAURUS delfsi, named after Dr. Edwin Delfs, M.D., leader of the original crew who located this rare dinosaur in Garden Park. (See photo.) Dr. Delfs returned to Garden Park in 1991 for the dedication of a plaque in recognition of his discovery. (See photo.) This is the largest known and only HAPLOCANTHOSAURUS to be mounted and on permanent display in the United States.

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