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The school structure that still stands today was originally completed in 1895 as the 2nd Garden Park School. The first having been lost to a fire in 1891 as it was constructed of wood in the late 1870s. The last classes were taught here in 1963. With only 6 students that last year the school was no longer needed and closed it’s doors after consuladation with Canon City School District. During its time the school housed many public and religious events as a local community center.

Restoration work began on the building in 2010, the west wall you see today, was nearly to collapse, but with the help of Colorado State Historical Funds the wall was disassembled, new foundation installed and then the wall was rebuilt using many of the old bricks. Work planned for 2014 includes new roof and stucco on the exterior walls.

Listen to a narration about Garden Park School: