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Founded in 1893 by Brothers, Frank and Harry Woods, Victor lies at the foot of Battle Mountain, site of many of the District’s richest mines. The Independence Mine here made Windfield Scott Stratton the District’s first multi-millionare. In 1896, the Woods brothers were excatvating the foundation for a first-class hotel in the heart of Victor’s business district. The discovered a rich gold vein, scrapped the plans for the hotel and built the Gold Coin Mine.

Home to mines, miners, and a bustling business district, Victor has always taken pride in its reputation as “The City of Mines”. Victor’s gold mining history is still being written, as it is headquarters for the Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mining Company – a modern gold mine located just outside of town.

The Victor Downtown Historic District reflects the wealth and prosperity that resulted from the Gold Mining operations. The Historic Victor Hotel located at Fourth Street and Victor Ave, was constructed for Frank and Harry Woods, who operated a bank in a portion of the first floor retail space. Just a few blocks away, the brick foundation and grand hoist of the Gold Coin Mine are visible.

At the edge of town lies Battle Mountain, where a short walk takes you to Stratton’s Independence Mine and Mill. You can also enjoy a close-up view of the Portland, Ajax, Strong and Gold Coin Mines and a bird’s eye view of historic Victor.

Victor, Colorado’s modern day treasures are the result of its rich gold rush history. Victor, about 5 miles from Cripple Creek, was platted in 1893. The streets of Victor were paved with gold during the hey day of the 1890’s gold rush. Today the streets are line with a wealth of history as century-plus-old buildings stands as a legacy to the hustle and bustle of previous times.