38.559817, -105.090511

Small town along the F&CC line complete with a post office and train station that also served as ahotel of sorts if the train had to stay the night in Adelaide. The trains also took on water at this station to help support the large steam engines used to power the train as well as help put out any fires that might occur along the way do to the cinders produced by the train.

On the night of July 30, 1895, a flashflood roared down the canyon destroying several miles of track and heavily damaging bridges. At Adelaide, three people died when the force of the water demolished the small boarding house near the station. The raging waters carried one body twelve miles downstream! In less than a year, six miles of track between McCourt and Adelaide were relocated and the two tunnels were bored to place the track and all buildings out of the reach of floodwaters.

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