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Juniper and pinon covered plateaus give way to sheer limestone cliffs, over 100 feet high in places, which curve and wind throughout the area. The cliffs offer some of the finest expert sport climbing anywhere. 

The area's relative isolation and high degree of difficulty encountered, challenge even the most experienced climbers. 

Here they can enjoy the sense of community shared by the many who seek the solitude, sense of adventure and closeness to nature the best climbs offer.

Shelf Road is a 4 wheel drive route - rough, rugged, back country, mountainous drive. This area is for the adventuresome familiar with Colorado's unpredictable, ever changing climate. 

The road provides access to an important rock-climbing area and the renowned Garden Park Fossil Area and parallels the stream of Cripple Creek.  

The lower half of the road near Cañon City is literally carved out of the sheer canyon wall, thus the  name ‘Shelf.”

Shelf Road was once a stage route that delivered people, goods and ore to and from Cripple Creek and Cañon City. *All services are available only at either end of the route.

Historic photo courtesy of Cripple Creek District Museum