Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area

Turn east here, then north to reach the trailhead for the 27,000 acre Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area. This rugged, remote area offers opportunities for hiking, trout fishing, hunting, camping, and wildlife viewing. For more information, contact the Bureau of Land Management in Cañon City.

Golden Loop Historic Parkway Trails & Exhibits
A Series of interpretive sites & trails through the Cripple Creek Mining District with access from the Phantom Canyon Road, includes the Vindicator Valley Trail through 1890's mining structures, including the Theresa and Vindicator Mines - in winter open for cross country skiing. Also on the drive is Stratton’s Independence Mine, a National Historic Register Site and Cresson Ore Sorting House - a recreation of the original; Battle Mountain Trail - a Millennium Trail; The Gold Coin Mine Site in Victor; Little Grouse Mtn Trail - an interpretive site that encompasses mountain and mine views; Golden Loop Driving Tour Through Historic Mining Backcountry Roads of the Cripple Ceek Mining District; Gold Camp Trail - Interpreting the History of Poverty Gulch from the Hoosier Mine to Cripple Creek.


Steel Bridge
A wooden trestle originally stood here. A fire destroyed the trestle in 1896, stopping train traffic for a week while a new bridge was hurriedly erected. To prevent a repeat of the catastrophe, the present structure of steel replaced the wooden bridge in 1897. The road to the east leads to a trailhead for the Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area.



Upper Tunnel
When floodwaters damaged the original railroad grade in 1895, this tunnel and the lower tunnel were bored to help raise the tracks out of the reach of flood waters




Wilbur Loop
A series of switchbacks, the Wilbur Loop was constructed so trains could climb the final and steepest grade out of Phantom Canyon. With their work completed, the helper engines were disconnected at the top of the grade in Alta Vista and sent back to Cramer to pull up another train. The original Alta Vista depot is now located in Victor.


Please note that this is a brief description of a few of the attractions, sights and historical exhibits along the road.