About The Gold Belt Byway Association

The Gold Belt Scenic and Historic Byway was first designated as a BLM Backcountry Byway in 1989. And became one of the first 5 State Scenic and Historic Byway that same year, during this time a steering team was formed to set up the goals, visions and set up community partnership plans for the Gold Belt Byway. This team finished its work in 1997 and a smaller group than took over to form the organization that now promotes and protects the Gold Belt Scenic and Historic Byway. We obtained our 501c3 not for profit status in 2000 and in June of that same year were designated as a National Scenic and Historic Byway.


The Gold Belt Tour Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is dedicated to preserving the rural lifestyle, natural environment, and rich cultural and historic heritage along the byway. The association is a cooperative collaboration of individuals, businesses, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations. Through education and outreach the association shares the byway with the world!

The Gold Belt Scenic and Historic Byway organization not only helps promote and protect the byway itself, but is a proud promoter and supporter of the communities and people that live and work on our byway. Having completed over two million dollars’ worth of projects ranging from helping landowners protect their lands to the creation of signage for local communities to use for educational purposes.

The Gold Belt Tour Byway Association is administered by a board of directors with representation from all areas in which the Byway is located as well as members of the various industries and entities along the routes:

Fremont County

  • Tim Payne, County Commissioner

Teller County

  • Marc Dettenrieder, County Commissioner

City of Canon City

  • Rex Brady, Parks Director

City of Cripple Creek

  • Renee Mueller

City of Florence

  • Dick Upton, City Councilman

City of Victor

  • Bruce Davis, City Councilman

Education Representative

  • Mary Chamberlain, Retired teacher

Land Conservation Representative

  • Amber Shanklin, Palmer Land Trust

Ranching Representative

  • Sandra Chapman, Shelf Road

Mining Representative

  • Lisa Becker, Newmont Mining

Business or Industry Representative

  • Dona Basham, Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Florissant Area Representative

  • Chuck Hagler, Outpost Feed Store

Tourism Representative from Teller County

  • Michelle Rozell, Cripple Creek’s Heritage Tourism Director

Tourism Representative from Fremont County

  • Lisa Hyams, Canon City Chamber of Commerce

Historic Preservation Representative

  • Randy Brady, Fremont County Historical Society

Landowner Representative

  • Curt Sorenson, Garden Park Area

Two (2) At-large Representative(s)

  • Greg Liverman
  • Steve Witcher